Made in China – How to Get it Right


Cambridge Industrial Design have used Chinese suppliers extensively over the years.  There is a wide variety of costs, quality and abilities out there so the following event may be helpful to companies considering China for the first (or second) time.

Organised by CBBC and HSBC, this is the first in a series of seminars on effective sourcing and supply chain solutions for China. Seminar 1 will review the opportunity provided by the Chinese supply chain, examine regional production clusters and cover issues surrounding the true cost of outsourcing, direct vs indirect sourcing, identifying suppliers, due diligence, quality, payment, IP and delivery mechanisms.

Click on city below for the event that you would like to attend for booking details. For further information contact Linda Rosen at

Seminar Location Date
Planning for Success Birmingham 9 Feb 2010
Planning for Success Leeds 10 Feb 2010
Planning for Success Sunderland 11 Feb 2010

2 Responses to “Made in China – How to Get it Right”

  1. I would certainly be interested in attanding the Leeds event.

    I have always worried about using Chinese suppliers, especially with regards to IP issues and the like. However, I am tempted my the low cost of prototyping, and would like more information.

    Best regards,

    The BIG Consultant – Product Design Sheffield
    – ‘it’s the little company with the BIG ideas’ – blog

    • I can recommend the CBBC seminars (just did the Birmingham one) – some really good information and an excellent overview of Chinese manufacturing.

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