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Check out my interview here with Martin Gibson over at Embody3D.  Some great questions Martin!  Not only do Embody3D have some great interviews with other designers but they have some excellent tutorials and reviews.

While on the subject of great design websites…. we have put together a list of useful design websites and blogs (let us know if we have missed anyone)  CID reading list


Reality check


Erik Bluemner from Product Design Resources has written a great article for all those daunted by Asian outsourcing – Asian outsourcing reality check.  It deals with many of the basic questions you should be asking yourself and is a good place to start.

Head over to CBBC for more helpful articles and advice on this complex subject.  They also have a very useful PDF download on doing business in China.

And if you would like to join in the discussion there are forums on LinkedIn and MechanicalDesign Forum.

Let us know if you have found any helpful resources on Asian outsourcing out there.

Cambridge Industrial Design have joined Designers Network for the East of England.  Design for Business East is a design resource built on this network and aimed at companies looking for design assistance (graphic, product, packaging etc.).  The site has some great resources for selecting designers and managing design projects.  There is also a section on creating a design brief .  Contact us for more information.

Plane sense


This month’s edition of The Engineer has an article describing a recent design project we completed for GE Inspection Technologies.  Cambridge Industrial Design provided a range of design and engineering services resulting in this innovative aviation inspection product.  Visit The Engineer website

Cambridge Industrial Design have used Chinese suppliers extensively over the years.  There is a wide variety of costs, quality and abilities out there so the following event may be helpful to companies considering China for the first (or second) time.

Organised by CBBC and HSBC, this is the first in a series of seminars on effective sourcing and supply chain solutions for China. Seminar 1 will review the opportunity provided by the Chinese supply chain, examine regional production clusters and cover issues surrounding the true cost of outsourcing, direct vs indirect sourcing, identifying suppliers, due diligence, quality, payment, IP and delivery mechanisms.

Click on city below for the event that you would like to attend for booking details. For further information contact Linda Rosen at

Seminar Location Date
Planning for Success Birmingham 9 Feb 2010
Planning for Success Leeds 10 Feb 2010
Planning for Success Sunderland 11 Feb 2010

A festive robot


Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a great 2010!  Here is something to download and keep you busy over the festive period…  In answer to a number of people – no batteries – its USB powered of course 🙂

Happy Christmas from CID (Designed on SolidWorks)

Cambridge Industrial Design has set up a group on LinkedIn for those interested in Manufacturing Abroad.  The group is for everyone involved in product development and manufacture.

Maybe you have experience of manufacturing in China or elsewhere in Asia.  Are you are looking for a new sheet metal supplier in Europe and don’t know where to start?  How do you control quality and design changes?  If you have some great tips for manufacturing abroad join here and get involved.

To meet customers’ growing demand for eco-friendly products Cambridge Industrial Design has started to use new software to examine the sustainability / environmental impact of our designs.   Sustainability Xpress provides a life cycle assessment on parts, exploring production processes and material alternatives.  A report can be produced illustrating the possible impacts (good or bad) over the parts lifetime.

Cambridge Industrial Design will be looking to integrate sustainable product design in all our projects over the coming months.

Designing Demand is a national programme, developed by the UK Design Council. It helps established small and medium enterprises (SME), as well as fast growing new technology businesses to harness the power of product design and transform their business performance.

The programme consists of different services designed for businesses at different stages of development and with different needs.

Designing Demand Workshopsfast-paced and practical one-day workshops showing businesses what design investment could do for them. Additional half-day workshops support designers’ and business advisors’ ability to help clients.

Designing Demand Generatea service to help both established businesses and high-growth start-ups get a design project moving.

Designing Demand Innovate sustained support for technology start-ups, helping them use design to reduce time to market and attract investment.

Designing Demand Immersethe most intensive service, aimed at mature businesses with the appetite for strategic change.

Find out more

Designing Demand will be Destination Growth ’09 (AirSpace Duxford, Cambridgeshire) on the 3rd November.

Cambridge Industrial Design has worked with GE Sensing and Inspection Technologies over many years and has recently helped develop a new non-destructive test probe.

The GMR (Giantmagneto Restrictive) probe uses pulsed eddy current to detect sub-surface corrosion, primarily in the aerospace industry. This compact instrument provides powerful diagnostic imaging when

GMR Probe for GE Sensing and Inspection Technologies

GMR Probe for GE Sensing and Inspection Technologies

inspecting multi-layer aircraft structures.  With its unique hand held design this is a truly portable instrument that can inspect difficult to reach places on an aircraft.

Cambridge Industrial Design provided a range of concept designs, detail development of external parts and internal assemblies along with sourcing of low volume production.

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